Tropical Black Metal Wall Art

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Size: Medium (39"x17"/100x44cm)
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Experience paradise with our tropical metal wall art. Crafted from durable, weather-resistant black metal, this piece is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and outdoor areas, bringing the abstract waves of tropical allure right to your space.

Unique Tropical Design

Tropical metal wall art design

The tropics hold a special allure with their warm sun, abundant greenery, and gentle waves. These elements have inspired our creation of a unique piece of metal artwork.

This wall art is crafted to evoke memories of blissful days at the beach and to spark dreams of future getaways.

With its smooth, twisted curves, the design captures the essence of tropical waves and the vibrant spirit of the seaside, while maintaining a distinctly artistic feel.

Place it prominently within your home, and it will become a captivating centerpiece that draws the admiration of family and guests alike. It's a daily dose of the tropics, right in your own space.

Premium Build & Finish

Our metal wall art stands out for three key reasons that highlight its superior quality:

Curious? Let's deep dive into the details.

Metal Base

Our wall decor is crafted from steel ranging from 1.5 to 2 mm in thickness, offering a sturdier build than the market standard. This range ensures that each piece, regardless of size, maintains exceptional sturdiness and durability. The substantial feel of our metal art is evident in its resilience during transit and its ability to hold its form over time.

Anti-Corrosion Layer

All our models are made with hot-dip galvanized steel, making them perfectly suited for outdoor use, not just our outdoor-specific metal wall art. The galvanization process coats the steel with a robust layer of zinc, effectively preventing rust. This allows our art to withstand harsh weather conditions and moisture, ideal for placement in outdoor areas or humid environments like bathrooms.

State-of-the-Art Finish

The final touch on our metal wall art is a premium super matte (gloss level < 10) black powder coating. This sophisticated finish not only enhances the art's visual appeal but also its tactile quality. Customers often remark on the desire to both view and touch the art, highlighting the exceptional feel of the surface.

How to Hang Metal Wall Art?

Hanging our metal wall art is straightforward and doesn't require professional help, thanks to the innovative standoff screw design.

Simply press the artwork against the wall, mark the spots for the mounting holes with a pencil, drill the holes, and secure the screw barrels in place.

Finally, attach the wall art to these barrels using screw caps—no additional tools needed.

This method not only simplifies the mounting process but also ensures your art stands off the wall, creating a captivating shadow effect that enhances its visual appeal.

🛠️ Download Installation Instructions

I've always been a fan of tropical vibes, and this wall art just elevates my living room to a whole new level! The quality is outstanding, and the abstract waves remind me of my favorite beach vacations. Love it!

Linda, Austin, TX


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