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We couldn’t be happier! The artwork was even better than expected and it’s the perfect piece to complement the other paintings in the room.

Rita Bailey, US (Verified review at

Perfect! Needed a little something to finish off a small outdoor seating area. It looks great, was easy to hang and seems to be unaffected by wind and weather so far.

Sara B., US (Verified review at

Why we choose modern design for our art

Modern design is beneficial for various reasons.

First of all, modern metal wall art blends perfectly with almost all interior and exterior styles. It is obviously a fit for contemporary interiors. It also perfectly adds an accent to Scandinavian and minimalist decor. Even in classic and traditional interiors, you can't go wrong with modern wall art, especially when made of metal. It adds contrast and becomes the focal point of a room.

Second, modern design becomes timeless. It is the new classic. It's not going to go out of trend; it stays relevant for decades to come.

And third, look at these lines. They're beautiful. They're organic. The design is not overwhelmed with details. It is just art. Pure art.

Modern outdoor metal wall decor
Modern metal wall art
Large ocean wave wall art
Black metal wall art

About VisualAlloy

The story of our company began a long time ago, when I was on vacation in Singapore with my family. By that time I was, and still am, an IT guy, but I've always been passionate about art and home decor, and I also possess a degree in art.

On that trip to Singapore, I stumbled upon something truly unique. The lobby of the hotel where we were staying had a huge stainless steel wall art. The design was quite simple, but the shadows and texture made it absolutely stunning.
In that moment, I promised myself, if I ever made something in the real world, it would be about art. And not just usual art, like paintings or posters, but something absolutely unique.

Time went by, and here we are, 6 years later, I am starting an art company...

The first piece of art we produced I hung in my own apartment. Every time I saw it, I thought, "Look at these shadows. It looks amazing!" Ever since, we've given this joy to a lot of people across the globe.

Here are a few principles we use, allowing us to stand out in the market:

  • Only unique designs. We create our designs from scratch. Most have a modern, contemporary look. All of them are unique. We do not copy others' work, and we don't even care to check our competitors' work. We just don't care.
  • Paramount quality. We're based in Finland (however we ship globally free of charge). Everything works well here. High-standard quality of products and services are normal and usual for people here. The facility we use to produce our metal wall art is exceptional. It has high-capacity machinery for laser cutting and, most importantly, for powder coating. The surface of the final product is just exceptional. You don't only want to see it, you even want to touch it.
  • Easy mounting - elegant mounting. We say no to ugly screws you can find at almost all competitors. We only use sleek, elegant mounting caps, which are used in advertising. They look very organic and blend into the wall art. And most importantly, it is very easy to mount. You never hold a screwdriver and art together.

Buying art for your home is always a good decision. You see it every day. This means you use it every day.

Buying unique art is a wise decision. Conversations with friends, compliments from guests - these are what you're really buying.

Happy decorating!

Vadim, Founder of VisualAlloy