Modern Outdoor Metal Wall Art

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Size: Medium (15"x37"/39x94cm)
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Bring a modern touch to your exterior area with our outdoor metal wall art. Its smooth lines and abstract design create an eye-catching display that complements any outdoor setting. Durable and equipped with a rust-resistant matte finish, it's ideal for withstanding harsh weather conditions. Easy to install, this art stands off from the wall, giving depth and casting intriguing shadows. Perfect for patios or garden walls, it adds sophistication and a contemporary vibe.

Superior Material for Outdoor Conditions

Abstract metal wall art outdoors

When selecting outdoor metal wall art, the ability to withstand diverse weather conditions is paramount.

Our art is crafted from 2 mm (12 gauge) hot-dip galvanized steel, offering inherent rust resistance. Further protection against corrosion is provided by a cutting-edge powder coating applied on a large-scale, highly professional manufacturing facility.

The optimal thickness of 2 mm ensures the artwork is sturdy yet lightweight, significantly surpassing the 1.5 mm steel used by competitors, making it durable, non-bendable during delivery, and superior in quality.

Finished with a luxurious super matte black powder, our metal wall art presents an extraordinary appearance. This, coupled with a weather-resistant coating, makes it perfect for outdoor display.

Modern Abstract Design for Outdoor Spaces

Modern outdoor metal wall art

Abstract art is not just for interiors; it’s a bold statement for your outdoor oasis as well. With its timeless appeal, our metal wall art embraces the spirit of abstract designs, bringing a unique touch to any outside area.

Why choose abstract for the outdoors?

It's simple—abstract art is timeless. It transcends the ever-changing waves of design trends. Plus, it has this magical way of sparking both imagination and conversation. Every time someone visits, they’re captivated by it, always commenting on the sophisticated modern abstract design.

This piece of art is perfect for the outdoors. Its tall design fits well in any space, large or small. You don't need a big wall to display it—it can go beside your door or in a snug corner of your patio.

How to Hang Metal Wall Art?

Hanging our metal wall art is straightforward and doesn't require professional help, thanks to the innovative standoff screw design.

Simply press the artwork against the wall, mark the spots for the mounting holes with a pencil, drill the holes, and secure the screw barrels in place.

Finally, attach the wall art to these barrels using screw caps—no additional tools needed.

This method not only simplifies the mounting process but also ensures your art stands off the wall, creating a captivating shadow effect that enhances its visual appeal.

🛠️ Download Installation Instructions

An absolute masterpiece! This wall art instantly elevates any space, blending seamlessly with different decor styles. It’s now a go-to recommendation for my clients seeking a sophisticated look!

Mia, Interior Designer, San Francisco, CA


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